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Development, Dynamics and Pathology of Neuronal Networks: From Molecules to Functional Circuits

Edited by J. van Pelt, M. Kamermans, C. N. Levelt, A. van Ooyen, G. J. A. Ramakers, and P. R. Roelfsema
Progress in Brain Research 147
Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2005
ISBN 0-444-51663-8
xv + 385 pages

Cover of Development, Dynamics and Pathology of Neuronal Networks This book is about neuronal networks in the brain. The brain contains roughly 100 billion nerve cells or neurons, linked into networks by about 3.2 million kilometers of 'wires', which together make a million billion connections between cells. Through these connections, neurons exchange electrical and chemical signals, the dynamical patterns of which form the basis of all our thinking, memories and behaviour.

How do neuronal networks develop their specific connectivity, what patterns of electrical activity underlie cognition, what goes wrong in networks to cause brain disorders such as mental retardation, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and schizophrenia? These are fundamental questions in neuroscience, and they are addressed in this volume.

The chapters in this book—both broad, state-of-the-art reviews and in-depth topical studies—bridge different levels of biological organization, from the molecular, cellular, neural network to the cognitive level. A good example of this theme is provided by the chapters devoted to the development, plasticity and functioning of the visual system. Other chapters illustrate how scientific advances are driven by new techniques, such as multi-electrode recording and life imaging, which enable the monitoring of electrical activity in many neurons simultaneously.

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Book contents:

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    Section I. Neuronal Network Formation

  1. Neuronal network formation in human cerebral cortex
    G. J. A. Ramakers

    Section II. Molecular and Cell Biological Mechamisms of Neuronal Network Development and Synapse Formation

  2. Regulation of dendritic growth by calcium and neurotrophin signaling
    P. A. Dijkhuizen and A. Ghosh

  3. Dynamics and pathology of dendritic spines
    S. Halpain, K. Spencer, and S. Graber

  4. Introduction to the sixteenth C. U. Ariëns Kappers lecture
    D. F. Swaab, J. van Pelt, and M. A. Hofman

  5. Mechanisms of retinotopic map development: Ephs, ephrins, and spontaneous correlated activity
    D. D. M. O'Leary and T. McLaughlin

  6. Biologically plausible models of neurite outgrowth
    G. Kiddie, D. McLean, A. van Ooyen, and B. Graham
    [Abstract] [Full text: PDF]

  7. Competition in neurite outgrowth and the development of nerve connections
    A. van Ooyen
    [Abstract] [Full text: PDF]

    Section III. Synapse Rearrangement

  8. Molecular substrates of plasticity in the developing visual cortex
    S. A. Taha and M. P. Stryker

  9. Excitatory-inhibitory balance and critical period plasticity in developing visual cortex
    T. K. Hensch and M. Fagiolini

  10. Structural plasticity in the developing visual system
    M. Bence and C. N. Levelt

  11. Mechanisms controlling the formation of retinal mosaics
    E. Novelli, V. Resta, and L. Galli-Resta

  12. Laminar circuit formation in the vertebrate retina
    J. S. Mumm, L. Godinho, J. L. Morgan, D. M. Oakley, E. H. Schroeter, and R. O. L. Wong

    Section IV. Structure and Dynamics in Neurons and Neuronal Networks

  13. Dynamics and plasticity in developing neuronal networks in vitro
    J. van Pelt, I. Vajda, P. S. Wolters, M. A. Corner, and G. J. A. Ramakers

  14. Learning in ex-vivo developing networks of cortical neurons
    S. Marom and D. Eytan

  15. Role of synaptic inhibition in spatiotemporal patterning of cortical activity
    L. Bosman, J. C. Lodder, A. van Ooyen, and A. B. Brussaard
    [Abstract] [Full text: PDF]

  16. Synaptic mechanisms that shape visual signaling at the inner retina
    P. D. Lukasiewicz

  17. The involvement of glutamate-gated channels in negative feedback from horizontal cells to cones
    I. Fahrenfort, J. Klooster, T. Sjoerdsma, and M. Kamermans

  18. Compensatory physiological responses to chronic blockade of amino acid receptors during early development in spontaneously active organotypic cerebral cortex explants clutured in vitro
    M. A. Corner, R. E. Baker, J. van Pelt, and P. S. Wolters

    Section V. Dynamics in Neural Circuits in Cognition

  19. A visual salience map in the primate frontal eye field
    K. G. Thompson and N. P. Bichot

  20. Chronic multiunit recordings in behaving animals: advantages and limitations
    H. Supèr and P. R. Roelfsema

    Section VI. Deficient Circuitry and Cognitive/Behavioral Pathology

  21. Physiological studies of information processing in the normal and Parkinsonian basal ganglia: pallidal activity in Go/No-Go task and following MPTP treatment
    G. Morris, Y. Hershkovitz, A. Raz, A. Nevet, and H. Bergman

  22. Rho proteins, mental retardation and the neurobiological basis of intelligence
    E. J. M. van Galen and G. J. A. Ramakers

  23. Neurodevelopment, neuroplasticity, and new genes for schizophrenia
    S. E. Arnold, K. Talbot, and C.-G. Hahn

  24. The impact of seizures on developing hippocampal networks
    J. W. Swann

  25. Alzheimer's disease as a disorder of dynamic brain self-organization
    T. Arendt
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